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Quality Policy

Client satisfaction is most important to us at enGauged Limited.  We recognise that this is only realised through consistently providing excellent consultancy services and high-quality design on time and within budget.

With client satisfaction our priority, we seek to apply best practice and capture lessons learnt to achieve “right first time" delivery of the client’s requirements.  We listen carefully to any feedback received and respond accordingly by improving our processes where appropriate.  Good longstanding relationships are what we are aspiring to achieve through our commitment to developing positive collaborative working with our clients and supply chain.  

This policy is applicable to all employees and those who are undertaking design and consultancy services on our behalf and covers our provision of engineering design and consultancy services. 

Our objective is to provide:

  • Design with build in mind - designs which consider the requirements of construction
  • Projects that are delivered on time and within budget

In order to achieve our objective, we appreciate that our employees’ skills and attention are required, and we shall:

  • Encourage buildability discussions within our design development reviews
  • Determine that the client’s needs and expectations are fully understood through good communication and strong relationship
  • Maintain a resource programme to monitor delivery of projects against time and budget
  • Build a culture of sharing and learning
  • Brief the quality policy and objective to all employees and subcontractors through induction training and team briefings, and check their understanding
  • Make sure all employees are aware of their role in the Quality Management System
  • Embed the requirements of the Quality Management System throughout our Company through induction training and team meetings
  • Work with our clients and suppliers to establish and maintain the highest quality standards
  • Set, monitor, and review our objective annually at a management review meeting
  • Continually improve the quality of our production of design and consultancy services by addressing feedback from clients
  • Continually improve our quality performance by actioning any outcomes from management review meetings and audits

This policy forms part of our Quality Management System which is certified to ISO 9001:2015 standards and sets out the processes and procedures for implementing our objective within legislative and regulatory frameworks.  


Steve Whitmore
Managing Director
Date: 1st July 2022

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