About us

We are design and consultancy engineers who operate throughout the UK, providing comprehensive design and engineering services. 

We manage projects from feasibility through to construction and have significant experience in design for a wide variety of projects and can personalise our services to meet the needs of our clients.

We are passionate about design that can be built.

We are focused on providing an effective and efficient service by:

  ~ having clarity of thought to identify relevant engineering and build issues

  ~ expressing ourselves clearly in technical and non-technical language as required

  ~ considering the problem thoroughly and with an open mind to provide the best solution

  ~ honestly assessing a situation and informing the client to aid the decision process

  ~ possessing the mental attributes that cope with the unique challenges and demands of projects

  ~ embracing early collaboration with all project participants to achieve maximum positive impact and                          provide best value

We strive to provide the best environmental options that are sustainable with consideration to ensure health and safety

We provide the following services:

  • Site inspections and investigations
  • Topographical surveys
  • Feasibility studies
  • Options reports
  • Outline and detailed design
  • Construction assurance

  • Contractor's Engineering Manager (CEM)
  • Contractor's Responsible Engineer (CRE)
  • Designated Project Engineer (DPE)
  • Project Engineer (PE)

We have substantial experience in the railway industry specialising in the following areas:

  • Station platforms/buildings
  • Signalling/overhead line structures
  • General civil/structural projects
  • Temporary works
  • Groundworks
  • Support for Asset Protection schemes
  • Lineside buildings
  • Footbridges
  • Depots